Merlin Cullinan books.

Welcome to the world of Merlin Cullinan

Merlin Cullinan is a storyteller and writer whose books challenge you to change the way you see the world around you.

"When you choose to explore the places Merlin Cullinan takes you to, you will meet new people, encounter new ideas, hear fresh stories and get imaginative insights. The author's skills and his own rich life experiences are reflected in stories of intensity and depth. Each novel takes you on a journey through territories that may seem familiar at first, but that leave you wondering about the ways of the world for weeks after you have turned the last page."

Each Merlin Cullinan novel follows directions and destinies that can re-shape the ways you see the people and the places around you.

You can read his books in any order. Any starting point adds new dimensions to the ways people make their unique journeys through life.

Merlin Cullinan is a writer whose books reveal fresh and intriguing layers and perspectives as you get more involved in the details, twists and turns of each story.

Merlin Cullinan Author.